Environmental Quality Charter

  1.  Our company agrees to search and use where they exist, only products that are eco-friendly, for the protection of our personnel and the environment and to make available to the personnel every possible protection and information on the products used.

  2. Our company agrees to sort and take to the specialist refuse dump involved in the recycling of waste products, all the waste generated by its activities.

  3. Our company agrees to pass on the amount raised by the Sanitval Charity Association on waste products of financial value and to double that amount.

  4. The employee agrees not to pollute his work site using the company's products, and to sort and put into the correct waste bin, the waste generated by the company, leaving the work site clean and tidy.

  5. The employee formally agrees not to burn waste on the work site or to abandon it. He agrees to inform and raise the awareness of other workers on the site concerning these practices.

  6. The administrative personnel, to avoid unnecessary wastage of our forests, will use as much as possible scrap paper and communicate internally and externally by intranet and internet.

Eco-label Trophy

Sanitval has won several prizes for its actions as an environmentally friendly company.
In December 2010, we were awarded the Prix Eco-Citoyenne (Eco-Citizen Trophy) for exemplary actions for the environment in the naturel, human, civil and social domains.
We were awarded an honorary Prix Eco-Citoyenne (Eco Citizen Trophy) in 2011 (a company is not eligible for main trophy two years running) for our continuing actions.


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