Founded in 1978 and with 42 years of quality service and expertise in the Cannes/Antibes/Grasse area, Sanitval is the company you can trust to produce a professional solution to the highest standards whatever your requirements.
Professional? Individual? Whether in need of emergency services or with a new construction or a renovation, our experts are available to study your project and find the high technology solution adapted to your requirements and desires.
Our trained technicians are at your service to resolve your problems and to complete your project.
The satisfaction of our clients, the quality and security of our work are the basis of our daily engagements.
We are members of the GESEC - a gage of the quality of our services, and carry the 'Etre- Terre' label. We have attained the qualifications seen here which are regularly tested.
We work with the best partners, many of them seen here, we use only quality parts and recommend the use of quality materials to ensure that your installation is as good ten years later as it was on the day it was installed.
Your satisfaction is our priority.


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